Foot Reflexology: Main points. How to do? What benefits are?

Foot Reflexology: Main points. How to do? What benefits are?

We have reflex areas in our hands and feet that correspond to the organs, glands and parts of our body. This is basically a principle and reflexology deals with this principle. We use our fingers and thumb on reflex areas. Reflexology is a very fascinating treatment and it is used for reducing stress, breaks up congestion in body, induces relaxation and also improves blood circulation. One can perform this treatment on anyone and can achieve wonderful results.

Foot reflexology cleanses impurities and toxins from the body, improves circulation and balances whole system. It was used in Egypt in ancient times. There are a few things to keep in mind before beginning the treatment. The person on whom the foot reflexology is applies, has to be comfortable and relaxed. There should be dim light in the room. Also keep warm towels, a scrub, a blanket and a powder with good fragrance. Before beginning the session of foot therapy, look at the chart of feet and you will be able to see the location of different glands and organs there. For improving nervous system, dry the feet and use your thumb across the base of toe in a rotating movement. For improving endocrine system, press middle portion of big toe where the pituitary gland is located. Walk all across the foot including fingers to improve muscles and joints. The benefits of foot reflexology include improvement in congestion, ingestion, reducing headache, preventing from bacterial infection and increasing circulation.

Foot reflexology are best for those who have some kind of injury, lack energy and are willing to restore balance. This therapy has a healing effect. It reduces problems associated with bladder, asthma, digestion, migraine, anxiety and stress. It also relieves pain of cancer and multiple sclerosis (MS). It does not mean that one should stop consuming conventional drugs such as chemotherapy because reflexology provides relaxation and strength but cannot replace medicine.

There are several energy pathways in our feet and we see them via feet chart. Foot reflexology is based on so many principles. There are several evidences that show it is very effective and improves wellbeing. The therapists massage ankle and big toe for calming down reproductive and endocrine system.

When one goes for having a session of foot reflexology, the therapists asks for medical history, lifestyle, health issues and diet. Every session lasts from thirty to sixty minutes and the therapist focus more on soles. It is the best treatment for pregnant women, athletes, old people and housewives, who have more responsibilities and are unable to release stress. One has to pay privately for every session. Some health conditions are treated after five or six sessions and one does not have to remove clothes for it. The foot reflexology is based on ancient principles of health and wellbeing. It is true that there are various technologies available now but most of us still prefer slow and effective therapies to get rid of pain and stress. You can know more about foot reflexology online.




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