Tai Chi and Qigong for healing mind and body and helping spiritual growth

Tai Chi and Qigong for healing mind and body and helping spiritual growth

Tai Chi and Qigong are very famous movement exercises. They are a part of tradition of China. The facts behind these movement exercises are nature and energy of human body. Energy is called as “chi or qi”. It flows through human body along meridians, which are energy pathways. If energy flow is unbalanced or blocked at a point on pathway, it means one has become ill. Therefore to increase energy flow and to improve health, the movements called tai chi and qi gong are repeated gracefully and gently. On the other hand, nature, which includes body has some opposing forces that are called as yin and yang. One can stay healthy if these opposing forces are balanced. Yin and yang are restored by performing tai chi and qi.

Basically tai chi is an interesting series of Chinese movements, which are executed very slowly. It is used for combining movement and meditation to maintain and improve health. The qi gong involves various movements performed in various orders. They include lowering and raising arms, moving head gently and rubbing hands, feet and ears.

Tai chi and qi gong are used for improving balance, posture, endurance, coordination and flexibility of human body. They help in maintaining quality of one’s life. Several researches have proved that tai chi helps in boosting immunity plus provides resistance to shingles virus which is present in adults. Some people feel sprains or strains while performing qi gong or Tai chi. Therefore it is advised to stretch gently before going through sessions of qi gong or tai chi.

Qi gong involves both internal and external movements. They give power and makes qi gong a wellness and superior health practice. For all kinds of cardiovascular movements, one should focus on performing qi gong. Tai chi and qi gong are a part of self-healing procedure which is about three thousand years old. It improves mind, body and spiritual health. Both type of movements give mental clarity. They reduce emotional stress, manages depression, stress, morbid thoughts and confusion. Balancing and strengthening energy of mind enhances ability of detecting subtle nuances. The increased levels of complexity around can be best controlled by performing tai chi and qi gong.

Qi gong is useful on spiritual level. There are certain alchemical transformations taking place within our body. When we practice qi gong, we understand the flow of energy due to emotions and thoughts inside us. It helps in understanding meditation. People performing martial arts also practice qi gong regularly. They believe that qi gong helps them achieving strength and spiritual levels easily.

We do not know but there are some energy blocks present in us. Tai chi and qi gong repairs damaged parts of our system and remove energy blocks. The negative emotions are calmed down and we are able to achieve an agitated mind. When the energy blocks are cleaned, we become healthy. Tai chi and qi gong can be practiced by people belonging to any religion. There are no restrictions in practicing these movements.


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