Effective Stretches and Massage Techniques to Heal Piriformis Syndrome

Effective Stretches and Massage Techniques to Heal Piriformis Syndrome

Piriformis Syndrome is healed by massage and effective stretches. The muscle piriformis is located in buttock. It connects sacrum to top of femur. The function of this muscle is to roll leg to one side. The pain caused when sciatic nerve is trapped by piriformis muscle is called as piriformis syndrome. The symptoms of this pain include pain in buttock; it slowly radiates in the lower part of back. This pain also moves downwards.

The causes behind of piriformis syndrome include tightening and shortening of piriformis muscle. When do some motion repeatedly, the muscle suffers pain. Some people have sedentary life style therefore they suffer through this kind of pain. When we sit for a very long time and at one place, we often suffer through piriformis syndrome. Athlete, dancers and exercise lovers moving on uneven or hard surfaces also feel pain in piriformis muscle.

There are various kinds of treatments for this kind of pain, it includes massage and stretches. The easiest treatment is to do icing on the place where you feel pain. Get a bag made of light fabric or a pouch in which you can fill lots of ice cubes. Now rub it on your buttock exactly where you feel pain. You will feel relieve within twenty minutes. When you feel that the intensity of pain has reduced, you can now do stretches and massage.

There are three kinds of stretches such as kneeling stretch, supine stretch and seated stretch. Seated stretch can be done by sitting on a comfortable chair. Keep your legs in front of you and now wrap arms on your feet. Lift the feet for ten seconds. You will feel something has stretched in your body. The exercise can be repeated several times every day. This will definitely reduce the piriformis syndrome.

The second type of stretch is supine stretch. This is done by lying on the back. Just like seated stretch, one should repeat it at least four times every day. Last but not the least is kneeling stretch. A few things to keep in mind before doing this stretch is to perform it at least four times in a day. One has to sit straight or performing kneeling stretch. Each stretch has to hold for at least thirty seconds.

It is advised to perform these stretches every day and can be done in open air. Breathe deeply so you feel much better. In some cases piriformis syndrome causes sciatic pain. There are some exercised that help in relieving from this type of pain.

If you are not sure about these stretches then you must acquire services of a physiotherapist. He will guide you how to stretch easily and safely. There are various spa that provide special massage for relieving from piriformis syndrome. Patients of this kind of pain feel relieve after using ice. They also choose to go for exercise plus moist therapy. When you will do one stretch, you will feel a lot of pain but with time you will start loving these stretches.


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