Cellulite is skin condition in which the skin in the affected areas becomes lumpy due to the fat deposits. They usually affect the thighs, stomach and the buttocks area. Many people term it to look like cottage cheese, due to the collection of fats that pushes up against the connective tissues underneath the skin, hence giving it a lumpy and a dimpled appearance just like cottage cheese. The pushing of the fats against these tissues reduces the blood flow in the skin causing it to become lumpy. This skin condition affects females more than males and is a major problem faced by women now days.
Cellulite is affected by certain factors. Hormones play an important role in the development of cellulite. People who tend to consume carbohydrates, fats and salt in great amount are prone to get affected by cellulite. People who do not tend to exercise and smoke a lot can also develop cellulite. Other than these factors, tight clothing, genes and age settle on the amount of fats in your body. These stated factors are the major basis of the visibility and the amount of cellulite deposits under the person’s skin.



There are many treatments and therapies available to treat cellulite. Thus many of such treatments will cure cellulite temporary. For example many salons offer a certain type of massage that smooth out the skin, making the cellulite look better for a certain period of time.
The best treatments to help reduce cellulite are the natural and safe treatment methods that do not cost much unlike curing cellulite through surgeries. These best and safe treatment methods include:

1. Reduce the extra fat:

To reduce the ugly looking cellulite in the body one should firstly reduce the extra body fat, through exercises and by eating fewer calories. Many aerobic exercises can do wonders of getting rid of those excessive fats.

2. Mayo-fascial Massage and spa:

Mayofascial massage and spa therapy releases and loosens the connective tissues. Since cellulite is a skin condition bounded by connective tissues, this massage therapy works best. The therapist uses a massage roller to release and smooth up the connective tissue which in return evens up the lumpy cellulite affected areas.

3. Anti-cellulite creams:

Many creams and lotions are available in the market that works for levelling the ugly looking lumpy skin. These creams tend to dissolve fat and smooth out the cellulite infected skin.

4. Dry Brushing:

Dry brushing helps in reducing cellulite by stimulating blood flow in the skin. Dry brushing opens the pores of the skin by scrubbing back and forth in a circular motion. This type of dry brushing is effective and it helps in tighten the skin hence preventing cellulite.

5. Meso-therapy:

Meso therapy involves injecting substances like vitamins, minerals and enzymes in the tissue that helps in reducing fat and improving the cellulite infected skin.

6. Laser therapy:

cellulite can also be treated using laser therapy. A beam of light is transported into the skin which breaks down and melts any excessive fats hence smoothing the cellulite affected skin.
Depending on the intensity of cellulite one can chose the best option for treating it.


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