Himalayan Salt vs. Sea Salt: Healthy Minerals vs. Dehydration… Which one You choose?

Himalayan Salt: Benefits, How to choose and Where to Use it?

Salt is an essential element of our everyday meals. Whatever we cook is incomplete without salt. However there are various options available when it comes to choose the best salt which is equally healthy and affordable. It is the Himalayan Salt that is growingly becoming popular due to its benefits and beauty. Chefs all over the world are now switching to the use of Himalayan salt also they are recommending it to their followers.

Excavation of Himalayan Salt

The marketing term for this type of salt is Halite and it is found in Pakistan from where it is sold to North America, Europe and Australia. This rock salt is mined on a large scale in the salt mines of Khewra, Jhelum District, Pakistan. It is found in pink and reddish color with some crystals in transparent or off-white color. It is best for cooking and used as bath salt, brine and in place of table salt regularly. This type of salt contains approximately eighty four trace elements plus iron.

Benefits of Himalayan Salt

This salt is known for stimulating blood circulation; it removes nasty toxins and lowers blood pressure. It is used for healing mind and body. Advocates of health food seek this popular rock salt for nutritional value and for consuming its abundant minerals. It improves the metabolic processes of human body and reduces built up deposits from the arteries. On average we consume 20 grams of salt every day and just five to seven grams of it is expelled out. The rest is deposited in our arteries resulting in blood pressure problems. On other hand Himalayan salt dissolves quickly and reduces blood pressure problems. It can be consumed easily every day.

There are a bundle of benefits associated with Himalayan salt. It regulates sleep, makes bone structure firm, stabilizes heartbeats, and clears mucus plus phlegm from lungs. It greatly regulates water content in the human body, prevents from spider veins formation in legs, balances acidity, clears congestion and re-mineralizes human body. In order to maintain good health, it is advised to introduce Himalayan salt in one’s diet.

Uses of Himalayan Salt

There are several uses of this rock salt. It is used in cooking and baking. If it is sprinkled on regular meals then one can improve the digestion of that meal. For detoxification of skin it is added in bath tubs. It is good for facial scrub and helps in exfoliation. If dissolved in warm water then it can be used for the brittle nails. It also speeds up the cooking times. It removes bugs from vegetables if they are soaked in salt water. It is best to be used for gargling and improving all types of throat infections.

Himalayan Salt Lamps

This rock salt is also used for formation of salt lamps that are popular all over the world. Large crystals of this rock salt are carved and colored to form beautiful lamps. They help in relaxation, relieving from stress, headaches and insomnia. They provide a very attractive glow and lightens the mood.

Himalayan Salt Choice

This rock salt is available in both grind and big crystals form. Try purchasing them in form of big pink crystals and then grind them yourself. They can be kept in buckets of rice to prevent it from insects and rice worm formation.


Himalayan-Salt-Plate-Giveaway1himalayan-salt-plate-cook-your-food-on-a-slab-of-salt-11image_himalayan saltimage_himalayan lamp




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