The Benefits of Massage for a Better Sex Life

The Benefits of Massage for a Better Sex Life


 Massage is great for relieving tension and stress, as well as managing injuries and chronic pain. But did you know that massage is also great for your sex life?

Couples massage can bring an added level of intimacy and pleasure to any relationship, but individual massage also increases libido and can benefit your sex life by reducing stress, increasing circulation, and mitigating pain.

Research has shown many benefits of massage, including a reduction in stress and depression. One of the common side effects of excessive stress, depression, and anxiety is reduced libido and sexual dysfunction. Massage therapy is shown to elevate mood by releasing feel-good hormones like serotonin, which in turn reduces stress and alleviates mild to moderate forms of depression.

 Anxiety is also a love-killer, because it means your body is too often operating in “fight or flight mode,” where stress hormones including cortisol are being released constantly. Arousal and orgasm are very difficult to reach when there is an excess of stress hormones in the body. Massage can support the body in releasing stress hormones and other toxins, which creates a much better environment in the body and psyche for a healthy sex drive.

 If you or your partner live with chronic pain from injuries, that can also hamper a healthy sex life. Therapeutic forms of massage therapy can manage problem areas by increasing the circulation and overall energy to the injury and speed healing. A reduction in pain will leave more room in your life to cultivate sensuality, play, fun, and love. The increase in circulation that massage promotes is also good for the circulatory system, promoting arousal when appropriate, and healthy sexual function in both men and women. It also stimulates the lymphatic system which removes toxins and keeps the body healthy.

 All of these benefits are possible with massage therapy, without even including it as a part of your intimate life. But what could be more sensual and rewarding than giving one another a massage as a part of a healthy and active sex life? Here are a few tips for couples massage, which can get you in the mood for love and can deepen trust and intimacy.

  1. Set the mood with soft lighting and soothing music. Lavender essential oil in the room is also a plus.

  2. Always warm your hands by first rubbing them together. This can be done with a massage oil as well, there’s nothing worse than a cold start to a sensual massage!

  3. Include massage of the feet and hands, as people tend to hold a lot of stress in these areas.

  4. When massaging the back, use long strokes and enough oil to allow you to move along your partner’s skin without too much friction.

  5. Include a scalp massage by gently rubbing the scalp from front to back in circular motions, this releases a lot of endorphins and feels great.

  6. Pay attention to the neck and shoulders, and as you feel your partner relax, go in a little deeper here to release knots, tension, and stress.

  7. After you’ve completed the massage, be sure to give your partner a glass of water to flush toxins.

  8. Now it’s your turn! Enjoy.

Massage done individually or with your partner can benefit your sex life in a variety of ways — by reducing stress and depression, increasing circulation, promoting a pain-free experience, and, when done together, enhancing intimacy. If your love life is floundering, considering scheduling a professional massage for your loved one or making a massage date together. By integrating something new and healthy like massage into your sex life, you and your partner will both benefit from the extra effort.


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