Massage and Weight Loss

Massage and weight loss

 Without any question having a massage therapy leaves you feeling fresh and relaxed. Massage recovers you from anxiety, and tough physical activity or any related injury. But the question arises that can it aid in your weight loss process??

Most recent research proves the positive effect of massage on your fitness levels and muscles-building capacities, which in turn helps to increase the capacity to loose or maintain weight.

Strong muscles helps to burn extra calories and give you a free hand to take part in all types of sports which can improve your fitness level and overall wellness.

Massage can have many benefits that can affect your capacity to loose or control weight:

  1. Massage improves blood circulation that helps to supply the essential nutrients that we get through our food intake to the muscles. Massage also increases the tissue metabolism by the interchange of important substances between tissue cells and the blood. After a long workout it becomes vital to provide proper nourishment to the muscles, to recover and rebuild. Massage helps to supply oxygen and nourishment via maximum blood flow, which aids the muscle to burn more calories and grow farther.

  1. Massage promotes motion and flexibility of your muscles. This adds up to their good performance and increased power when you are doing any physical activity. As in turn, it helps to burn more calories in the process. During muscle repair and recovery period the wide range of flexibility and motion of your muscles helps to decrease muscle soreness. Massage can also help to ward of any exercise related injuries that can ultimately reduce exercise, activity and weight reduction progress.

  1. Massage also decreases the recovery period required between your workouts. During or after an exercise session, the waste like carbonic and lactic acid build up in your muscles. Massage increases the blood circulation and allow the toxic build up gathered by these waste products in a short recovery time span. This short recovery period denotes that you will have more time period to do your work outs and burn calories that will help in achieving your weight loss goals.

  1. Massage reduces over training chances. Massage has a sedative and calming effects on muscles and nervous system. It helps you to rest more and reduces the likelihood of experiencing over training syndromes, which minimizes your ability to build strong muscles and therefore helps to loose weight at the maximum.

  1. To add to the previous mentioned benefits, it does have a direct influence on your fat loss. Research suggests that massage burns fat capsules in subcutaneous tissue so that fats exudes and get absorbed. Therefore massage can directly help in weight loss side by side with a good nutrition and regular exercise.

So this is it. Now you know that massage has number of health benefits indirectly as well as directly to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Correct nutrition along with good physical activity and regular massage helps to make your weight loss program more effective.

If you haven’t had your massage lately, just don’t wait, get a phone and make an appointment. But be sure to get it done by a qualified massage therapist.

And while you are at it, enjoy!


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