How to make alcaline water at home? – It’s easy!

Homemade Alcaline Water

The quality of tap water can vary in its pH value. It is better to consider to alkalize it because drinking alkalized pure water is much healthier than water full of harmful pollutants. The method to alkalize your ordinary tap water is fairly simple and cost effective. Alkalization of regular drinking water can be carried out by different methods, commonly consists of an ionizer, water distiller, a filter or by simply adding a number of natural ingredients. You can try different methods to alkalize water at home. Few of them are given below:

Buy a pH testing kit.

It is crucial to determine the base acidity level of water as the more the water is acidic in nature, the more harm it can do to your body .The pH kit typically has a strips made up of stiff paper that changes the color based upon the pH when put into water. This kit also contains a color chart that tells us what each color denotes relevant to the pH scale so you can adjust the pH to your liking.

Usually water pH is 7 on the scale, but in case of impurities in the water it tends to point towards more acidic. The best pH level for your drinking water should be around 8 or 9, which can be done through the process of alkalization of water.

Water distiller is a must.

Water distiller can be found in stores of kitchen appliances at varying prices and resembles like a coffee maker.

The process of distillation cleans and purifies the water, taking away the bacteria by increasing the water temperature to boiling. Water distiller job is to purify and remove toxins from your drinking water. However at times, it also makes your home water more alkaline than usual, so caution is advised.

Get a water ionizer.

Put your already distilled water or your regular tap water into the product. The ionizer works to separate acidic particles from alkaline particles, giving you a drinking water that is highly pure and alkaline. This alkaline water is achieved by running the water through negatively and positively charged electrons.

Go for a water filter with reverse osmosis.

These filters can be bought from hardware stores and home improvement stores and they mostly located along with traditional water filters.

This filter is called hyper filter, it use a fine membrane for filtration. Its delicacy allows it to catch more harmful elements than a regular water filters, which eventually alkalizes your drinking water more comprehensively.

You can add 600mg baking soda to an 8 oz. (or half of lemon) of water glass as a proportion, to get a similar effect. If in case you don’t have baking soda at home, you can get pH drops from any health store to make your drinking water more alkaline.

These are some of the simple methods that can be easily administered at home to get healthier water full of life and vitality. You deserve such pampering as after all, most of your body consists of water.


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