Aromatherapy affects mind, body, spirit: how?


Aromatherapy is a process of adsorbing or inhaling scents via essential oils, it is not just a momentary sensory relief but it works to improve your mind, body and spirit in several ways. There are innumerable essential oils that are available in market, each with their own specific set of merits .Moreover in most cases single essential oil can provide multiple health benefits individually for instance: citronella is revitalizing and purifying that also helps to keep the bugs away!

There are a number of settings in which aromatherapy can be applied: you can try essential oils by adding it to hot sauna or a hot bath. Another way to apply essential oils directly on your skin is by using a diluted essential oil with a carrier oil. Even better option is to get yourself aromatherapy massage.

Aromatherapy for your mind

Mostly people know about calming effects of aromatherapy, but less people know its energy boosting functions. Scents like chamomile, vanilla, and lavender can aid with relaxation and stress relief, while eucalyptus and peppermint gives you a mental energy booster. Cedar wood can aid in focus and mental clarity.

Aromatherapy can also help with depression and anxiety. Research has shown that some mice that were caffeinated, were eventually put to calm by sandalwood, lavender and other essential oils.(Keep it in your mind if next time you overdo at Starbucks!)

Aromatherapy for your body

Study of aromatherapy on physical benefits is still evolving, but there are enough evidence to prove that aromatherapy can have great effects on your mind as well as body. Essential oils have been proved to reduce inflammation and heal minor wounds. They can also aid to normalize our sleep and digestive cycles.

Aromatherapy also relieve congestion, boost your immune system and increase blood circulation. Have a flu? You can try to sniff some eucalyptus oil or you can also rub a bit on your chest for instant relief. Other essential oils that helps to give relieve from flu includes peppermint, rosemary, lemon, lavender and frankincense.

Particularly for women, it helps to lessen menstrual cramps and also regulates hormones. Essential oils can also be applied during labor pains and delivery practices for comfort. Research has also found that women who applied lavender oil also showed difference in discomfort of postpartum process. Lavender oil also contains cleansing and deodorizing properties, suited for topical use. However it is important to know that dilution, is a must, so it is better to confirm and follow the instructions before applying it directly on your skin!)Another research has found that women going through their menopause who received aromatherapy massages showed most relief from the symptoms.

Aromatherapy for spirit

Aromatherapy has deep spiritual roots. Healing by essential oils was used by many ancient religions and they can form part of present day spiritual practice as well. You can diffuse essential oils during practice of meditation. Certain essential oils also brings connection and focus to divine through spiritual rituals. They include ylang ylang, sandalwood, rose, myrrh, lavender, jasmine, frankincense and cedar. Anyhow you are not bound to pick from these listed essential oils, you can also pick any scent that suits your personal choice and liking. If you use a specific spiritual scent for your meditation, smelling it on other times will give you feeling of focus, relaxation and peace. You can take a whiff of your favorite essential oil used during meditation practice to boost you up before your next work meeting full of work stress. You will have less anxiety about routine life and you will feel a renewed connection to your spiritual side.

There are ample of reasons to try aromatherapy due to all there numerous benefits. It is recommended to get pure essential oils (not water diluted) and be sure to read instructions. As always, confirm with your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.


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