Healing through sound: The Tibetan Bowl Massage


Healing through sound: The Tibetan Bowl Massage

Sound and healing: The theory

Healing using the impact of sound energy is the most natural and oldest way of healing known to mankind dating back more than 3000 years. There are many method of healing through sound energy in practice, but the most effective and practiced way is by “Tibetan bowls”. The session of sound massage therapy using these Tibetan bowls has proved to be extremely effective through centuries. But the question is how it works? Well, initially four metal Tibetan Bowls are put over the person’s body. The expert following specific rhythm taps on the bowls. The vibration produced by the bowls due to these rhythmic taps helps to harmonize each and every cell present in the person’s body .Also, the mesmerizing sound of the Tibetan bowls have soothing and stimulating hypnotic effects on the brain, as it actually slows down the brain waves and in turn induces deep meditative state of mind.

The Science behind this age old therapy

A Cell is the basic element of human body. Research has proven that the easiest and most effective way to communicate with the cells is through “vibration”. When an external vibration is produced, it produces a sympathetic resonance in the cells, which kicks off the stimulation process. By tapping the Tibetan bowls placed on the man’s body, which consists of 70 % of water, the sound waves produced causes the cells of the body to resonate. These sound waves spread like the concentric waves and results in production of bigger vibratory ripples through organs, flesh, blood and even bones, soothing, harmonizing and energizing them. In easy language, by this therapy more than 100 trillion cells, that are building blocks of the body, are getting a gentle cell massage.

Practically, it is a combination between sound generated by the bowl through the ear, over the ear drum, and into the brain, and the vibration of Tibetan bowl through the flesh of the body that leads to de-stressing and harmonizing effects of the bowls.

This is to understand that, if inner harmony and balance is disturbed, it results into loss of equilibrium and leads to stress and in turn making us more prone to diseases and ultimately impairs the essence of life. By the sound massage such blockages and tensions in the mind, body and soul can be loosened up gently.

In modern acoustic theories, the sound waves has a direct effect on the nervous system. The vibrations produced by the bowls produces a very soothing environment, which acts as a trigger to calm down your nervous system and yet, profound enough to reach out and penetrate the bones of the body. These vibrations carry itself to places which you can never be touched with the hands, and helps in healing the areas which would be very difficult to reach otherwise.

Key Benefits

This therapy activates the brain and body to make changes that improves our abilities in the following ways:

  • Reduction in stress through release of endorphin and deep relaxation

  • Release of emotional traumas present within the subconscious

  • Deep effect on acupuncture meridians

  • Stimulates self-healing mechanism within the body

  • Relief from emotional imbalances, menstrual disorders, muscle or joint aches, digestive disorder, insomnia, fatigue and headaches

  • Harmonizing of aura

  • Balancing of chakra

  • Detoxifies at cellular and bone deep level

  • Improves quality and quantity of sleep and fine tunes the Circadian rhythm

  • Better workability of right and left hemispheres

  • Improvement of learning ability and retention of memory

  • Resolution or management of learning issues Autism, ADHD, ADD

  • Deep meditative level

  • Retrains mind/body to heal and let go of stress

  • Balanced chakras

  • Achievement of the “relaxation response” effortlessly

  • Healing of past emotional traumas

  • Improvement in behavior patterns


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