Sinuses. Non-traditional treatments.

Sinuses. How to treat sinus at home? Best “grandma’s


Are you buying antibiotics and other medication to treat Sinuses? Have you ever tried non-traditional ways to heal? I have seen so many people suffering from this lately and they said nothing could help… I decided to ask my grandma that never (ok, almost never) took any pill or antibiotic to treat illnesses. That’s what I have found out! Simple, easy to do but so effective!


salt water (sea salt, or I’d recommend Himalayan mineral salt): 1 teaspoon
on 1 glass of warm water


1/5 teaspoon of Baking Soda AND 1 teaspoon of salt on a glass of warm water.


mineral water (or just warm water) with a few drops of Calendula extract
(or you can also use a few drops of iodine, or eucalyptus)

Do it every 2 hours!!!

2)BEETROOT JUICE – mix it with water a little
bit and instill a few drops regularly.

3) HERBAL TEAS: little-leaved linden, great bur, raspberry
leaves, foal-foot  fen berry, mint leaves, etc.

4) WARMING areas around nose:

HOT salt or flaxseeds put in a piece of cloth and warm the nose, forehead
and areas where you have pain. Also you can use boiled eggs – 2 boiled eggs
put in 2 separate small towels or cloth and keep on the nose sides for
about 10-15 min.


boil potatoes with skin, pour the water and breeze over the hot potatoes
covering your head with a big towel.


Massage areas of inflammation: between eyebrows, on sides of the nose, under the nose. 

These acupressure points are very powerful! Massage or just hold each of those for a minute, several times a day. You will see the result right away. 


Pay attention to the air humidity, it needs to be humid enough! Dry air is the best friend for sinuses!

I hope this information will help You and Your loved ones feel better! 🙂


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