Secret Aromatherapy Blends

Secret Aromatherapy Blends!

I will share some great aromatherapy blends of World  Spas with YOU!

With these aromatherapy blends you will make a big difference in your practice and keep a lot more clients AS A THERAPIST and AS A CLIENT you will receive great benefits for YOUR mind-body health. 


1. Cypress (good for arthritis, good for edema & reducing excess fluid, dispels irritability & anxiety, boosts confidence)

2. Lavender (Analgesic; antispasmodic; good for muscle aches/pains; reduces tension&stress, helps insomnia; balancing, relaxing)

3. Peppermint (Analgesic; antimicrobial; warms muscle tissue; stimulating)

4. Rosemary (Analgesic; relieves headaches, cramps; improves circulation; energizing; improves memory and concentration)

5. Juniper (Analgesic; relieves muscular pain, prevents infection; clearing and restoring)

6. Ginger (Analgesic and Anti-inflammatory; stimulates digestion; sharpens the senses; natural aphrodisiac)

 Muscle/Stress Relief Blend is perfect for putting the body at ease using essential oils as natural analgesics. Peppermint and Rosemary stimulate and warm the tissue to bring blood to the surface. Cypress, Lavender and Juniper help to relieve joint and muscle aches and pains. Ginger reduces inflammation while leaving the body fresh and restored.


1. Cedar wood (Dispels nervous tension & anxiety; decreases stress & good for meditation; good for joint pain; calming & clears the mind)

2. Melissa (Balances emotions; revives melancholy; good for headaches; uplifting; helps with insomnia)

3. Orange (Balances emotions; decreases stress & muscle spasms; skin rejuvenator; good for diarrhea and constipation)

4. Lavender (Helps decision making; good for stress; reduces nervous tension; calms hyperactive minds)

RELAX Blend is a perfect blend of essential oils for quieting the mind and body. Let the scent of Cedar Wood and Lavender dispel the tension in the mind and body. Orange and Melissa help balance emotions, reduce muscle spasms and headaches and restore vitality. Client is left feeling more centered, relaxed and well rested.


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