Being originally from Russia – the country where sauna (we call it “Russian Banya”) and water culture is very significant for people, I would like to share some facts and benefits with everyone on this blog, and probably change someone’s views and bring a new great habit! Enjoy! ūüôā


A little bit of History 

Japanese Bath Houses:  OFURO is the square or rectangular Japanese bath, traditionally made of cedar. Family members may take their soaking bath together. Many neighborhoods today have a community bath-house.

Turkish Bath Houses: Very vigorous massage, often employed after the use of steam room.

Roman Baths: Huge 3 room baths Р1 cold, 1 tepid, 1 hot. Men and women bathed together. The tepid room was where they would get massaged. After going into the hot room, they would exercise.

Sweat lodges or saunas are used in Russia, Finland, and in Native American culture.

Therapeutic Uses of Water:

  • drinking adequate amounts of water DAILY
  • baths, showers, foot bath
  • dry/wet saunas, steam rooms
  • hot springs
  • detoxify tissues
  • hot packs
  • vaporizers steam humidifier

Principles of Healing Process:

1. Philosophy of Hydrotherapy:

  • the body heals itself
  • by scientifically applying different temperature and pressure, the immune system is stimulated to carry on the healing process
  • dry heat sucks out water/nutrients and toxins from the body through sweating

2. Alternating Cold and Heat:

  • Ice causes vasoconstriction (contraction of blood vessels)
  • heat causes vasodilation (relaxation of blood vessels)
  • used together it acts as a pumping mechanism accelerating the flushing system of the body
  • aids in delivery of nutrients rich blood and detoxification through lymph flow and sweat

Benefits of Use of Heat:

  • decreases spasms and tension
  • relaxes muscles
  • can bring relief to arthritis pain – except acute conditions
  • increases perspiration
  • boosts release of toxins and waste through skin
  • lungs – eases breathing; increases expectoration
  • increases flushing system of lymphatic system (due to increased circulation and deeper breathing), as well as sweating
  • relaxes and sedated nerves
  • breaks pain/spasms/pain cycle in chronic pain

Ways to Use benefits of Heat and Water in Massage Therapy:

  • Hot Tubs, Whirlpool, Sauna, Steam room
  • Use with HERBS¬†and AROMA OILS
  • Table Warmers


  • cardiovascular problems/disease (because it increases blood pressure and circulation)
  • NEVER lie on top of heat pack (pressure intensifies heat and could burn client)
  • do not use if client received radiation
  • clients with no feelings or limited sensation
  • advanced diabetic (no sensation – can not give feedback)
  • after heavy meal (decreases hydrochloric acid production, needed for digestion)
  • AVOID WITHIN 48 hours after injury (inflammatory process needs to begin)
  • pregnancy – NO HEAT applied in abdominal area
  • migraine/headache
  • inflammation



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