Foot Reflexology: Main points. How to do? What benefits are? We have reflex areas in our hands and feet that correspond to the organs, glands and parts of our body. This is basically a principle and reflexology deals with this principle. We use our fingers and thumb on reflex areas. Reflexology is a very fascinating […]

tai chi and qigong

Tai Chi and Qigong for healing mind and body and helping spiritual growth Tai Chi and Qigong are very famous movement exercises. They are a part of tradition of China. The facts behind these movement exercises are nature and energy of human body. Energy is called as “chi or qi”. It flows through human body […]

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Why massage therapy is necessary for athletes? Athletes, all over the world, perform various therapies and workout daily but one therapy which is performed by every athlete is the massage therapy. Massage therapy is necessary for athletes because it enhances the natural abilities plus makes them a better athlete. Sports massage provides benefits in several […]


Effective Stretches and Massage Techniques to Heal Piriformis Syndrome Piriformis Syndrome is healed by massage and effective stretches. The muscle piriformis is located in buttock. It connects sacrum to top of femur. The function of this muscle is to roll leg to one side. The pain caused when sciatic nerve is trapped by piriformis muscle […]

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BEST TREATMENTS TO HELP REDUCE CELLULITE WHAT IS CELLULITE Cellulite is skin condition in which the skin in the affected areas becomes lumpy due to the fat deposits. They usually affect the thighs, stomach and the buttocks area. Many people term it to look like cottage cheese, due to the collection of fats that pushes […]

Himalayan Salt: Benefits, How to choose and Where to Use it? Salt is an essential element of our everyday meals. Whatever we cook is incomplete without salt. However there are various options available when it comes to choose the best salt which is equally healthy and affordable. It is the Himalayan Salt that is growingly […]

Green Tea Muffins with White Chocolate Chunks.

Top 5 Super Foods That Help Fight Cancer Getting diagnosed with cancer is just like walking on narrow path with thorns on both ends. Even though you will walk through it trying to save yourself there is possibility that you may get scratched or your clothes may get torn. Just like that, Cancer is considered […]

Trigger Point Therapy What Trigger Points Are? Mayofascial chronic pain is caused by multiple trigger points, fascial muscle tightening and soft tissue dysfunction. Research and experiments have found out that constant pain circumstances produce trigger points, i.e. there is a causal relationship between chronic pain and its origin. Myofascial trigger points signify small areas of […]

Green Smoothie: Healthy and Delicious Recipes  Weight loss is a real problem for most of us. It is difficult to stop oneself from eating food that we love the most. Some of us try doing so but end up starving and start eating even more than before. We look for options that fill our stomach […]